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Hermès Clic H Noir Bracelet PM 17 cm

Hermès Clic H Noir Bracelet PM 17 cm is a Timeless Statement of Elegance and Style. The bracelet by Hermès that conquered the world that suits every occasion. The Hermès Clic H Noir Bracelet PM, a masterpiece of craftsmanship, design and timeless elegance. Embodying the essence of Hermès style, this iconic bracelet is synonymous with sophistication and class. With the "H" as its icon. In this comprehensive product description, we take you on a journey through the features, craftsmanship and enchantment of the Hermès Clic H Noir Bracelet PM 17 cm.

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In stock


For decades, Hermès has been known as a symbol of luxurious elegance and timeless class. Founded in 1837, the French fashion house has a rich history of craftsmanship and commitment to excellence. The Hermès Clic H Noir Bracelet PM embodies this legacy and translates it into a contemporary piece of jewellery that is both iconic and fashionable.

Hermès Clic H of Elegance

The Clic H model is one of Hermès' most recognised and coveted designs. The 'H' stands for Hermès, and the 'Clic' refers to the bracelet's signature clasp system. A subtle tribute to the brand's heritage, the simple yet powerful H-shaped clasp offers unmistakable style. It is the perfect synthesis of classic and modern design, giving the bracelet timeless appeal. The reference number is H700001F 01PM which corresponds to the Hermès Clic H Noir Bracelet PM. Hermès attaches great importance to ensuring the integrity of its creations.

Noir / Black Hermès Clic H

The colour Noir, or black, adds a touch of mystery and sophistication to this beautiful bracelet. Black is timeless and versatile, making it perfect for any occasion. Whether worn as a striking statement piece or as a subtle accent, the Noir shade of the Hermès Clic H Bracelet PM adds an aura of timeless elegance to any outfit. The use of high-quality steel plated with precious metals highlights the durability and luxury inherent in Hermès jewellery. The gold-plated metal adds a warm glow to the bracelet, giving it an opulent look. This metal is not only an aesthetic choice; it is also a testament to Hermès' commitment to craftsmanship of the highest quality.

Hermès Clic H Noir Bracelet

The Hermès Clic H Noir Bracelet comes in a refined size of 17 cm, referred to as PM (Petit Modèle), which is French for small model. This sizing ensures the bracelet fits perfectly on wrists of elegant proportions, making it a subtle yet eye-catching accessory. The sizing is thoughtfully designed to provide comfort without compromising on style. The Hermès Clic H Noir Bracelet PM is in good used condition, and this condition adds a unique character to the piece. Use marks, seen in the included photos, tell the story of the bracelet's life and emphasise the durability of the design. The slight traces of use add a touch of authenticity, making the bracelet tell its own story. For a beautiful vintage ring, you can also visit Boutique Amsterdam.

With Hermès Box

The Hermès Clic H Noir Bracelet PM comes with the original Hermès box and velvet pouch, a symbol of luxury and elegance. The box is not only functional packaging, but also a testament to Hermès' commitment to the total experience of their products. It opens up a world of anticipation and reveals the stunning bracelet inside, enhancing the sense of luxury. In summary, the Hermès Clic H Noir Bracelet PM is an undeniable masterpiece that continues the Hermès legacy. Perfectly combining tradition and modernity, craftsmanship and style, this bracelet embodies the timeless elegance Hermès is known for worldwide. From the signature clasp to the gold-plated steel construction, every aspect of this Hermès bracelet has been thoughtfully designed and carefully crafted. Whether worn as an everyday refinement or as an accessory for special occasions, the Hermès Clic H Noir Bracelet PM is more than just a piece of jewellery; it is an experience of unparalleled elegance. With its used condition, it adds a touch of lived-in beauty, and the presence of the original Hermès box makes it a complete luxury

Specification Hermès Clic H Noir Bracelet PM 17 cm

Brand: Hermès
Model: Clic H
Reference number: H700001F 01PM
Colour: Noir
Metal: steel, gold-plated
Size: 17 cm / PM
Condition: Good, used condition, see pictures
With Hermès box and velvet pouch

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VATMarge tarief
Length (mm)170
Condition2 (fine)
Delivery timeIn stock

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